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I live a life filled with all sorts of ART because, well, I believe that a life lived for art is never a life wasted. Plus, the world is a pretty cool place for endless adventures. I'm a movie fanatic, whom will give up sleep just to finish a movie. My weekends are filled with 4 beautiful things: coffee, long runs, music, & movies.
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In case any of y’all musicians are in that rough patch of "Do I even really like music?" or "Why am I practicing, I quit" moments. 

I defiantly get those, but it is really nice from time to time to get friendly reminders like this why I enjoy what I do (: 

Took Netflix out for a spin, while I was laying sickly in bed all weekend. 

Yours, Mine & Ours - An adorable little family movie. You can actually learn  quite a bit from sappy family movies. Builds around the whole theme of ‘following your heart’. 

Getting That Girl - If you need a really really really sappy cute romance movie just because? This is the one. It’s supposed to be a high school depiction of a new girl’s love life in LA, but please who actually lives high school like that? 

The Croods - I actually liked this one a lot more than I expected. It looks like a children’s cartoon, but it kind of builds on a theme much deeper than a child will probably have to encounter in his or her early ages in life. As we get older we are faced with fears that we usually shy away from, this movie basically shows how being brave and putting yourself out there can be even more rewarding. Plus, the comical relief characters in this movie are GREAT! Animation, and art were also spectacular. 

Like Crazy - Was this movie supposed to show everyone how long distance relationships don’t work? It just seemed like a lot of making out, angry phone calls, crying, and sadness.. I did learn DO NOT OVERSTAY YOUR STUDENT VISAS, PEOPLE! 

21 & Over - OH MY GOSH, this movie had so much potential to build into something SO MUCH DEEPER with JeffChang’s whole suicidal thing. It could’ve been a story about a college student who took one bad turn and went down the dark road of suicide, and how good friends were able to save him. I think they tried to do that, but how Jeff responded to his friend’s asking him if he was suicidal was in such a jokingly tone, the movie instantly lost all it’s ‘life lesson’ value right there. 

Such a beautiful instrument…. I think I’m going to buy one and learn how to play it 







holy shit

this is the best kalimba playing i’ve ever seen EVER


I had one of these growing up and I was such shit at it I literally have never heard one used for anything other than plonky, labored renditions of ‘twinkle twinkle little star’ in my living room. This is gorgeous.

I feel that things like this are posted so often with no historical information and I think that’s pretty damaging even if it’s unintentional. It just contributes to the erasure of non-western societies and their cultures.
The Kalimba is an African instrument common throughout Sub-Saharan Africa and it’s also known as the “sansa” and “mbira”. It was typically played while walking by traveling “griots” who keep the history of the tribe or village and for entertainment purposese. And get this: the wood or bamboo-tiled instruments were first invented 3000 years ago! And the metal-tiled ones appeared in the Zambezi River Valley 1,300 years ago. There’s so much history behind this instrument and it’s an injustice to the those whose culture it originates from to post about it and never once mention them. Anyway this is just tiny bit of the history I felt like adding from the wiki page, and the entire thing it very interesting so I’d encourage you to read it all!

(via t-lisa)

North West Percussion Festival 2014 at CWU 

San Jose Museum of Art - “Around the Table” 

Modern art is whacky in the most amazing ways. Food as art? I think that’s a winner. 

1. Cut the harsh self-judgement 

I’ve been really excessively self judgy lately. I realized I started to make my failures define me, and forgot to look at how far I’ve come along with all the other accomplishments I’ve achieved. But it’s not just that, I find myself self pitying my self too every now and then. I make all my past experiences reasons why I am struggling now, when clearly that is not the case! How I’m choosing to react now is what is causing me to struggle.

2. Complain less by 99.9% , no by 100% less

Life gets hard and complaining my way through it is not working. I usually complain and still get what I need to get done, but the time and anger I spent complaining is not worth it. I feel like if so much of my conversation with someone is consisted of me complaining, that’s not much of a conversation at all. I really value having good conversations with someone, and I think complaining does not fall under the category of a “good conversation”. 

3. Accept criticism bravely & don’t take unthought out offensive comments TOO harshly 

I’m pretty sucky when it comes to taking criticism. I usually get stuck between the get offended, get defensive, or not care range. If I can eventually accept criticism bravely, I think that’s the most ideal way of taking criticism. Take the bull by the horns, accept that I am not good or #1 or whatever in anything! Then there is the whole getting way too offended by somethings people say. Heck, a lot of people don’t think before they talk, I am defiantly usually guilty of that. That means sometimes mean things come out of people’s mouths. I just have to wrap my head around the fact that they either did not word that correctly, or they are having a bad day. But then again, I will have a line set of where the offensive comments becomes a little too much. 

Hmm.. what if I started doing these little what to call them… self-bettering / defining my morals things in small chunks throughout the next few months. That’ll be an easy way to keep up with school, practice, social life, and my self life! I seriously gotta find a good way to balance all of it, I’m really sucky at that.